Infrared Thermographic Survey

This is the ability to see defects and energy loss from your building or home.

We employ state-of-the-art thermal imaging equipment that literally takes a picture of energy. So if you are looking for a fast inexpensive, non-destructive solution – you have come to the right place!

The survey will be carried out in accordance with EN13187 and RESNET interim guidelines. Infrared thermography has been used to identify building envelope deficiencies for over fifty years. Thermography relies on the physics principle that objects emit frequencies which are at terrestrial temperatures; this radiation turns out to be beyond the visible spectrum, and is called infrared i.e. “beyond or above” red in the visible spectrum. Thermographic cameras use sensors to measure the infrared light and create a visible image based on an electronic mapping of the infrared light to the visible spectrum. In particular, it will be carried out in an independent manner by Paul Garvey based on the drawings, and other data supplied by you and any other investigations required.

The camera to be used in the survey is a SATIR D300, resolution 384*288 with image visible pixels interpolated to 5 million pixels in high definition. Our state of the art IR camera is manufactured in Drogheda and calibrated annually. The infrared inspection report will contain the thermal anomalies found in the structure of the building. The Thermographer onsite and compiling the report has Level 1 certification from The Institute of Infrared Thermography.

No attempt will be made to verify the findings by disassembling the roofs/walls/floor/fabric or any destructive testing.

infrared training ltdAn Infrared Thermography Survey can identify:


  • Construction failures in the building envelope
  • Locate leaks – air/water
  • Heat Loss
  • Find defects in chimney and exhaust sections of heating systems
  • Insulation defects
  • Hot/Cold spots
  • Electrical Preventative Maintenance
  • Leaks in flat roofs
  • Identify mould spots/dampness


Buying a home?

Why not arrange for a pre-purchase inspection to ensure your prospective home is free from dangerous or potentially expensive defects. It could save you thousands!

How to find out more:

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