Are you thinking of upgrading the energy performance of your building and wish to do so in an optimal manner? Are you planning a Major Renovation and need to bring to entire building up to a B2 Rating or above? Are you planning an extension and wish to upgrade the energy performance of the entire building? Or, are you just looking for a short survey to identify the optimal sequence of potential energy related upgrades?

Our Energy Plan will include an onsite survey and sit down meeting afterwards to discuss options.

We can tailor the survey to suit your budget. A Light Energy Plan is accompanied with a key points advisory report and a Full Energy Plan comes with a detailed specification report (fabric, HVAC and renewables), outlining your energy roadmap for any upgrades.

We are also available through the refurbishment/upgrades for any queries you may have.

This survey can be tailored to meet your particular needs. Contact us today to discuss your site specific needs.