A combined IR and air pressure test is the best method for locating uncontrolled ventilation (heat loss) and missing/disturbed insulation. Between the IR camera and the smoke pencils, we are sure to locate all gaps and breaks in the building envelope.

The IR camera can also pick up missing insulation, thermal bridging, moisture, cold spots/hot spots, leaks and various other anomalies.

The dwelling needs to be conditioned for circa 4hrs prior to survey and survey will take approx 3-4 hrs onsite. A full specification report will follow the following week.

You can be  assured that any leakage points as well as any missing/disturbed insulation will be identified.

Ideally, in the Northern Hemisphere, the IR camera needs a 10 degrees temperature differential between inside and out for heat loss surveys, but can work effectively at varying parameters – depending on the purpose of the survey and elements being surveyed. Our IR camera is more than capable of identifying thermal anomalies at tighter differentials.

The IR camera sees temperature difference, cold bridges, air leakage and insulation differences will show as darker shaded areas and the smoke pen shows a visual representation of air leakage.

IR heat loss surveys can be carried out during the Summer months, the test parameters need to be reversed and survey times may need to be outside normal business hours.

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