A Domestic BER is required on a dwelling when it is:

  • Offered for sale off plans – A Provisional BER
  • A new dwelling for occupation – New Final BER
  • Offered for sale or lease – New Final or Existing Dwelling BER
  • Claiming a grant from SEAI – Existing Dwelling BER
  • Homeowner Knowledge

A Building Energy Rating or BER is an energy efficiency rating for a building. It indicates the level of carbon dioxide emissions and KWh/m2/yr of a property for a dwelling at the time of certification.

The BER will cover building fabric, energy use for space heating, water heating, ventilation, lighting and  standardised water usage. It is calculated on the basis of standard occupancy and will be valid for 10 years from the date of its being issued.  It is expressed as primary energy use per unit floor area per year.
A-rated homes are the most energy-efficient and G-rated homes the least efficient.

Most houses built in Ireland before 1990 score a D3 rating or worse. This is particularly the case where there have been no upgrades or significant energy improvements.  A dwelling built in Ireland post  December 2019 most achieve an A2 rating or better.

Our prices start at €185 for a BER on an existing one bed apartment. Discounts will apply for multiply properties. Call us today to discuss your needs.